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  • Are Turning Points in Business and Hotel Cycles the Same?

    by Jack Corgel, Ph.D., CBRE Consultant | Feb 06, 2023

    Key Takeaways

    Hotel supply cannot quickly respond to changing demand conditions suggesting that hotel and business cycle turning points may occur at different times, contrary to conventional wisdom. 
    Hotel market turning points at peaks preceding downturns are equally likely to happen before, after, or coincidentally with those of the general economy. 
    Hotel market turning points at troughs preceding recoveries are more likely to happen coincidently with those of the general economy.

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  • Select Service Hotels and the Paid Accommodations Industry

    by Jack Corgel, Ph.D., CBRE Consultant | Dec 05, 2022

    Key Takeaways

    • The emergence of select service hotels changed traditional ways of viewing the lodging industry in the U.S. and spurred consumer-driven innovations. 
    • Because a universally accepted definition of select service has not emerged to organize data, capital suppliers have difficulty evaluating operational performance and investment returns for the select service category.
    • The concept of paid accommodations more accurately describes the broader spectrum of overnight occupancy industry structure than the traditional concept of lodging.
    • The lodging and residential rental industries are becoming more unified suggesting that future industry performance will depend less on travel patterns.

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