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About Us

CBRE Hotels Research specializes in analyzing and reporting on both the historical and future performance of the lodging industry.  Our team consists of professionals with backgrounds in academic education and research, econometric analysis and modeling, public accounting, computer programing, and lodging industry operations and consulting.

We prepare a variety of forecast and benchmarking reports, as well as maintain extensive databases of hotel income statements and property prices.  These reports and data provide the foundation for strategic planning by all who have an interest in hotel property financial performance.

Property Information Portal

Through the Property Information Portal (PIP), clients of CBRE Hotels Research have direct 24-hour online access to a wide variety of analytical tools and data to evaluate the performance of hotel markets and assets in the United States and Canada.  The tools leverage the firm’s econometric forecasting and operational benchmarking information and capabilities described below.


CBRE Hotels Research produces forecasts for 65 of the largest North American hotel markets, as well as six chain-scales in the U.S.  The reports are distributed under the name Hotel Horizons®.  CBRE Hotels Research proprietary Hotel Horizons® forecasting model projects ten years of supply, demand, occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR.  Hotel Horizons® forecasts are produced on a quarterly basis.

Operational Benchmarking

CBRE Hotels Research owns the database for Trends® in the Hotel Industry, the statistical review of hotel operations which first appeared in 1935. The Trends® database contains 250 revenue and expense items taken from the annual operating statements of 7,000 properties located in the U.S. and Canada.  These data are used to publish the annual Trends® in the Hotel Industry reports, as well as provide customized financial benchmarking reports through its BenchmarkerSM service.

Because CBRE Hotels Research is a trusted source for confidential hotel performance data, additional benchmarking reports are prepared for the Caribbean lodging market, IACC certified Conference Centers, and Spa Departments located within North American hotels.

Custom Research

With a long-standing tradition of tracking and forecasting the lodging industry, CBRE Hotels Research has the technical capability to conduct custom research, the analytical skills to interpret the data, and the access necessary to gather confidential performance information from the industry.  Combining ongoing econometric forecasting and operational benchmarking, our team is able to assist a wide variety of lodging industry participants by answering questions regarding their hotel assets.

Below is a profile of customized research projects performed by CBRE Hotels Research:

Determine where a hotel company should buy or build hotels.
 -  Identify different market segments and locations where various companies should focus their respective franchise, investment, and lending activities.
 -  Help a private REIT value its portfolio of hotel assets.
 -  Estimate the size of the market for a vendor’s product seeking entry into the lodging industry.
 -  Objectively determine the true competitive sets for hotels.
 -  Estimate the potential impact on the performance of a portfolio of hotels under different economic and market scenarios.

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