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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I gain access?

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Single report purchases may be made through the site store.

Annual multi-market subscriptions are completed through a license agreement. For details and associated fees, please submit a request to Client Services via websales@cbre.com.

How can I add/update users?

Ask your account administrator. If you don't know who that is, please email us at websales@cbre.com and we will connect with them to reset user credentials. With adding or changing users, there may be additional license fees incurred and our Client Services team will be in touch if additional paperwork is required.

How often do we offer product trainings?

At your convenience. Let us know what you need help with and we'd be happy to schedule individual or group trainings. Submit a request to Client Services via websales@cbre.com.

What if I have questions about the data?

We can connect you with one of our Hotel Economists by contacting Client Services.


What is our market coverage?

65 major U.S. lodging markets and 435+ major submarkets, as well as our national summary report of the entire U.S. lodging industry.

Reference our Submarket Locator tool to get detailed information on submarket coverage.

Canada and Caribbean reports are available for the lodging industry.

     Download our product sheet here: CBRE Hotels Research Platform & Subscription Pricing

How often do we update our history and forecasts?

For our Hotel Horizons® forecast, we update our forecasts on a quarterly basis. For example, reports are generally released quarterly during the first weeks of March, June, September and December, and contain the previous quarter's actual information; i.e. the June edition contains the first quarter's data etc. Subscribers will receive an automated email notification that new quarterly data is available to be accessed.

Our historical data provide, Kalibri Labs' unique data feeds allow us to display monthly performance data at the National and market levels. Data is displayed on a one-month lag. For example; June month end data will be delivered to our team of Economists in late July and will be published to the platform two business days after.

Our Trends® in the Hotel Industry (U.S. edition) report is produced annually. The online tool and excel workbook are available in mid-April. The PDF Report, with editorial content, is available in June/July.

Do we perform backtesting?

Yes. Forecasting, like any science, typically improves with time. We have repeatedly backtested our forecasting models and enhanced them at appropriate intervals. We continue to evaluate the quality of our forecasting models at regular intervals and inform our clients of additional enhancements if we make them.

What is considered in our forecasting methodology?

CBRE Hotels Research prepares hotel market forecasts taking into consideration traditional demand drivers such as: 
• GDP growth, 
• Employment growth, 
• Convention bookings, 
• Supply growth, and 
• Fundamental trends in adjacent industries. 

Forecasts of ADR growth consider factors such as: 
• GDP growth, 
• Wage growth, 
• CPI growth, 
• Supply growth, and 
• Current demand, 
• Anticipated customer mix, and 
• The overall strength of the consumer. 

Following the analysis and consideration of current and future macroeconomic outlooks, trends, and business fundamentals, the forecasts then undergo a judgmental review of modeled outputs by our national practice leaders and in-market professionals before being finalized.

How do we compile our data?

Our historical data is compiled from internal CBRE sources, including our local market researchers, as well as external data providers. For quality assurance, our data undergo an extensive process of validation before they are used for forecasting.  Both our historical data and forecasts pass through a final process of quality assurance before they are posted to our data platform. The two-stage process for producing the forecasts firstly involves econometric estimation of future hotel market activity and financial performance based on historical relationships between economic and hotel market variables, and secondly, a judgmental review of modeled outputs by CBRE’s National Regional Practice leaders.

The financial data presented in the Trends® in the Hotel Industry report comes from the voluntary submission of hotel owners and operators.  To ensure comparability, our team adjusts the data we receive to comply with the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry.  The data also goes through an extensive quality assurance process.

Are we available for speaking engagements?

We are available for speaking engagements to clients who license our data products. We are responsive to requests for speaking engagements from non-clients on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at websales@cbre.com for more information.

How to I stay up to date on your latest thinking?

In addition to our regularly published forecasts, our experts regularly contribute to news articles, speak at industry events, and produce academic research. Much of that content is available free through our monthly newsletter. Sign up here: Hospitality Market Update.


Can I get an individual hotel’s data?

No. We report aggregated data only.  We do not release individual hotel, brand or company-specific data.

What is the difference between the different reports?

If you need assistance describing the content of each report, and which report will best meet your needs, contact our Client Services team via websales@cbre.com.

Can someone walk me through the Benchmarker process?  What is the difference between Benchmarker Now and Select?

Please contact our Client Services team via websales@cbre.com if you:

·       Need guidance selecting a comparable group

·       Need assistance preparing your Benchmarker report

·       Need assistance interpreting the results of your Benchmarker report

Can I export information to Excel or PDF?

All Hotel Horizons® data, myShare reports, Create Trends reports, and Benchmarker Reports can be exported to Excel and PDF formats.

How do I access reports I have prepared in the future?

As a registered user all reports you prepare are stored in the private Reports section of your account.

Can I submit my Operating Statements for the Trends® in the Hotel Industry survey?

We welcome the voluntary participation of hotel owners and operators in our Trends® in the Hotel Industry survey.  Visit our Trends® page for instructions on participation, and a description of the benefits you will receive: Trends® Survey Participation.