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Kalibri Frequently Asked Questions

CBRE Hotels Research has partnered with Kalibri labs to provide historical U.S. lodging performance data for use in CBRE’s Hotel Horizons® econometric forecasting model and forecast reports.

Beginning with the September – August 2020 edition of our Hotel Horizons® forecast, subscribers will see the changes to the Property Information Portal (PIP) outlined below. An interim update of the data will be published onto the data platform beginning the week of June 27th, 2020.

 Who is Kalibri Labs?

Kalibri Labs database is comprised of guest folio transaction records and was created in conjunction with hundreds of large brands and small hotel groups and refined over the last 6-7 years. It includes cost of sales, loyalty contribution and source of business information, from almost 35,000 hotels dating back 5+ years. The daily data is refreshed weekly to give an expansive view of the U.S. hotel industry. Markets and submarkets, developed in conjunction with CBRE Hotels Research, reflect the current density of supply and are well aligned with market development opportunities.


What data will be displayed on the platform?

Performance data will be provided for the entirety of the U.S. lodging market, six chain-scales, 65 markets, and over 435 submarkets. Quarterly historical data will be provided by channel at the National, market and submarket levels. Market and National level data, including total supply, demand, occupancy, ADR and RevPAR will be provided monthly.


Variables Include:

·       Supply

·       Demand

·       Hotel Collected Revenue (HC)

·       Guest Paid Revenue (GP)

·       Occupancy

·       ADR (HC & GP)

·       RevPAR (HC & GP)

·       Reservations

·       Length of Stay


Categories Include:

·       6 chain scale categories

o   Further grouped into - Upper, Mid, and Lower-Priced Segments

·       8 channel segments (2 years of history at the market level only)

o   Direct - Booking.com, Voice, Property Direct, High Discount, Voice

o   Indirect – OTA/ETA, GDS, FIT/Wholesale

o   Group - Group, Int. Discount

·       65 major markets

·       435 + submarkets


How frequently will the historical data be refreshed?

Kalibri’s unique data feeds allow us to display monthly performance data at the National and market levels. Data is displayed on a one-month lag. For example; June month end data will be delivered to our team of Economists in late July and will be published to the platform two business days after.


What are the definitions of the three chain-scale tiers per market and submarket?

·       Upper-Priced – Luxury, Upper Upscale

·       Mid-Priced – Upscale, Upper Midscale

·       Lower-Priced – Midscale, Economy


What are the new market and submarket boundaries?

CBRE Hotels Research coverage expands to cover 65 markets within the U.S. Within each market, CBRE has created customized sub-markets based on the competitive nature of the local lodging industry as prescribed by CBRE’s regional practice leaders. Historical performance data for over 435 refreshed sub-markets will now be available in the Hotel Horizons® universe.


New Markets Include:

·       Birmingham, AL

·       Saint Petersburg, FL

·       Oklahoma City, OK

·       Coachella Valley, CA

·       San Bernardino, CA


A detailed zip to submarket mapping file is available on request: contact websales@cbre.com.


Will there be changes to the terms of our annual or single quarter subscription?

The additional insights provided by our relationship with Kalibri Labs will be included within your existing agreement.


Kalibri Data Glossary:

An extensive glossary of key terms is available here:  Kalibri Data Glossary


Have Questions?

Our team of hotel experts is available to answer any questions throughout the data transition. Please contact us at websales@cbre.com.