Hotel Horizons Forecasts are available for 60 U.S. cities and the entire U.S. and 6 chain scales and 6 location types.

Hotel Horizons will display five years of historical and forecast data for the selected market, as well as long-run means and standard deviations.

Click on “Download/Export” then “Hotel Horizons” to get instant access to that market’s Hotel Horizon pdf report that contains detailed historic and forecast data at the market level and historic and pipeline data for each submarket within that market. From the “Download/Export” button you can also export all of the market, submarket, and economics data, depending on which tab you are on.

The market can be changed to any market you subscribe to, and you can filter the data by upper or lower priced markets, scenario, and frequency. To look at submarket history for our market, click the “Submarket Data” tab. The drop-down menu has all the available submarkets, and you can filter by upper or lower price and change the frequency.

Clicking on the “Economics” tab will bring you to historical and forecast key economic variables change in employment, income, gross metropolitan product, and consumer price index. Hotel Horizons displays long-run means and standard deviations as well.

Finally, you can click on the submarket locator tab to produce a map of your market or submarket. Choose from the drop down menus and click “Get Map.” You can drag or zoom the map with the mouse and scroll wheel and export it either as a .pdf file or Excel file.

Employment -Metro or national area Total non-farm employment.

Income - Metro or national area total real personal income.

Gross Metro Product (GMP) - Metro (GMP) or national (GDP) is a measure of an areas total economic output.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) -Metro or national area index of the variation in prices paid by typical consumers for retail goods and other items.

Hotel Horizons®

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YearΔEmploymentΔIncomeΔGMP (GDP)ΔCPI
YearQTRΔEmploymentΔIncomeΔGMP (GDP)ΔCPI

Mean and Standard Deviation for Long Run Average — 1988 - 2014

ΔEmploymentΔIncomeΔGMP (GDP)ΔCPI