myShare® is a tool that allows a user to forecast any submarket, comp set, or subject property based on the movements of the larger market in which they operate. Our past analysis has shown that that 75 to 80% of a hotels performance can be attributed to the market in which it is located. myShare incorporates our Hotel Horizons market forecasts as a guidewire to enable a user to gain strategic insights into the future performance of a submarket, competitive set, and individual property.


From the myShare® homepage, you can view all the myShare® reports that you have prepared. All reports you have completed will have a check mark in the completed column. You can aggregate your myShare® data into a portfolio by clicking the portfolio link. Here you can select which myShares® you want to include in your portfolio. Once you’ve selected all your myShares® for your portfolio, they will be aggregated into one forecast you can easily view.

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Occupancy – Demand divided by supply. Overall Percentage of hotel occupied with guests for a given period

Average Daily Rate (ADR) - Revenue divided by Demand. The average rate a guest can expect to pay during a specified period of time.

Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) - Revenue divided by Supply: Overall utilization of a given property’s supply of rooms. Dollars of revenue per room available in a specified period of time.

Supply - Average number of rooms available during a specified period of time.

Demand - Average number of rooms sold during a specified period of time.

Revenue - Gross dollar income of room sales during a specified period of time.

Upper-Priced includes Luxury, Upper Upscale and Upscale properties*

Lower-Priced: includes Upper Midscale, Midscale, and Economy properties*

* - Based on STR's chain class definition


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Creating a portfolio with different Hotel Horizons® versions is not allowed. Please select each myShare® to include in your portfolio analysis using the same Hotel Horizons® version.

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