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2021 Data Now Available

CBRE Hotels Research’s Benchmarker℠ service allows clients to analyze the aggregated financial performance of a group of hotels.  The hotels are selected based on customized criteria set by you, the customer.  The hotel operating performance data comes from the firm’s annual Trends® in the Hotel Industry survey of operating statements from thousands of hotels across the United States.

Benchmarker℠ reports provide average revenue, expense, and profit information presented in Summary Operating Statement format, as well as six Departmental Sub-Schedules.  If desired, the performance of your hotel can be compared to the comparable properties.  Click here to view a sample Benchmarker℠ report.
Users may select from two methods to purchase a one-time report, Benchmarker℠ Select and Benchmarker℠ Now. For subscription access, see our Benchmarker℠ Unlimited option below. For use cases not captured through our Now and Select tools, please contact us to see if we can help by selecting Benchmarker℠ Custom.

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