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CBRE Hotels Research’s Benchmarker℠ service allows clients to analyze the aggregated financial performance of a group of hotels. The hotels are selected based on customized criteria set by you, the customer. The hotel operating performance data comes from the firm’s annual Trends® in the Hotel Industry survey of operating statements from thousands of hotels across the United States.

Benchmarker℠ reports provide average revenue, expense, and profit information presented in Summary Operating Statement format, as well as additional Departmental Sub-Schedules. If desired, the performance of your hotel can be compared to the comparable properties.

Sample Benchmarker Report

Three options are offered to prepare your Benchmarker℠ report. An annual subscription option is also available with our BenchmarkerUnlimited service.

2022 Data Now Available

  • Benchmarker Unlimited

    Unlimited Access to the CBRE’s New Benchmarker 2.0 tool for a 12 Month Period.  Please scroll down for a description of this new, dynamic tool.

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  • Benchmarker Select

    Analyze financial benchmarks from specific comparable hotels that you select.

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  • Benchmarker Now

    Analyze financial benchmarks from comparable hotels based on operating performance criteria like occupancy, ADR, and F&B volume.

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  • Benchmarker Custom

    CBRE Hotels' researchers will assist you in the identification and selection of your comparable properties.

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Benchmarker℠ 2.0 Now Available

Benchmarker 2.0 is CBRE Hotel Research's new, modernized, map-based Benchmarker Application that offers an improved and enhanced Benchmarker experience for Benchmarker Unlimited Subscribers.

The new enhancements include, but are not limited to:
• Map-based property searching with market/submarket boundary integration
• Multi-year report building
• Enhanced property filtering options
• New data points and reports not found in existing Benchmarker report
• Report sharing with internal colleagues

Within the application, clients are able to perform the following searches to develop the comparable set used in Benchmarker reports:

Property Profile:

This is the re-imagined way to perform a Benchmarker Select search on the Hotels PIP Website. This type of search allows the user to apply location and property profile characteristic filters to review a list of returned properties. From there, the user can pick specific properties to add to their comparable set. Confidentiality rules apply to protect the performance data for any individual hotel or hotel company. 

The available property profile characteristics users can apply to filter down results are:

Financial Performance:

This is the re-imagined way to perform a Benchmarker Now search on the Hotels PIP Website. This type of search allows the user to apply performance related filters such as occupancy, ADR, and amenity revenues to the database of properties to generate a comparable set. For this type of search, since confidential information is being used to identify the comparable properties, the names of the hotels in the group will not be disclosed.

The available performance related filters users can apply to filter down results are:

benchmarker 2.0 filters_4
Benchmarker 2.0 Overview
Benchmarker 2.0 Property Profile
PIP Benchmarker Overview
Benchmarker Select
Benchmarker Now