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Publications & Data Products

  • BenchmarkerSM

    CBRE Hotels Americas Research’s Benchmarker℠ service allows clients to analyze the aggregated financial performance of a group of hotels.  The hotels are selected based on customized criteria set by you, the customer.  The hotel operating performance data comes from the firm’s annual Trends® in the Hotel Industry survey of operating statements from thousands of hotels across the United States.
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  • Hotel Horizons®

    A series of reports prepared on a quarterly basis that analyzes the historical and expected performance of 60 major U.S. lodging markets and the entire U.S. lodging industry. 
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  • Hotel KPIs

    The Hotel KPIs Data Series contains a series of publicly reported key performance indicators (KPIs) for brands held by six large publicly traded hotel C-corporations, and the 49 brands reported within.
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  • State Of The Union Pro

    A Pictorial Update on Our Latest Thoughts and the Facts and Figures Influencing Our Industry

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  • Trends®

    Trends® in the Hotel Industry is an annual compilation of unit-level hotel financial statements. Since 1936, CBRE and its predecessor companies have collected year-end operating statements from thousands of hotels across the nation. From these statements, our Firm extracts 200 specific revenue and expense items and then puts the data into a uniform format to ensure equitable benchmarking. The results of the survey are presented in our annual Trends® in the Hotel Industry report. The Trends® report provides in-depth analyses of hotel revenues, expenses, and profits. The data is arrayed in a variety of property type, geographic location, rate, and size categories, thus allowing hotel owners and operators to benchmark the performance of their properties to industry-wide averages of a similar profile.
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  • U.S. Cap Rate Survey

    CBRE’s Cap Rate Survey (CRS), reflects the views of hundreds of professionals about how sentiment and pricing are changing across multiple dimensions of the commercial real estate market.
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