How Much Do U.S. Hotels Depend on International Guest Stays?

by Jack Corgel, Ph.D., CBRE Consultant | Sep 14, 2018

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Key Takeaways

If you ask a person on the street how many people from outside the U.S. visit our fine country each year, the answer would likely be “a lot!” If the same question is posed to a hotel industry expert, the respondent may provide a number close to the actual total of 77,501,282 reported by the U.S. Department of Commerce for 2015. However, few experts could accurately translate international visitation into actual room nights, and likely would have difficulty assigning international visitation and room night totals to cities. The difficulty in making these estimations is that many international travelers stay in the U.S. multiple nights in multiple cities, often have occupancies of more than one person per room, and sometimes stay with friends or family rather than in hotels.